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One of the fantastic ways to keep your car looking as good as new is to take care of its paint. Nothing makes a car look worn out than its faded paint. It impacts the car's lustre. So when you keep it looking beautiful and clean, it's like having a new vehicle long after buying it.

Do you want your vehicle to look exactly like it was at the purchase? Are you looking for quality car denting and painting services near you?

Sharyo can be your all-time partner to help you find the right professionals to repair your vehicle at affordable prices. The way your car appears reflects your personality and image. With paint correction services, you can bring the lost sparkle back from minor scratches to dents. Your vehicle body paint can be affected by many environmental factors such as dust and debris, bird droppings and industrial mess. 

Paint correction helps to reduce all the fine lines and scratches and transforms the entire look of your vehicle. As it requires skilled and professional assistance, it's better to leave them to capable hands as it involves calculated precision. However, paint correction can be the best investment if you have been planning to restore your dull-looking car to look like a brand-new vehicle.

What is denting and painting in cars?

Denting is a technique that resolves any deformity on your car's surface. It ensures that the look and the surface are not bulged or pressed, and everything appears even. Especially after sudden accidents or road mishaps, it might leave a dent in your car after the collision. It is usually visible, longer in diameter and can be spotted easily. But you don't want to be the one with a dented car. Denting is best done under expert technicians. Though many DIYs are available on the internet, some might work and others might not, and honestly, usually, they don't. It requires extensive technical knowledge, expertise and tools to correct the deformity. Give it a try only if you have the means, or it will simply waste your time. Painting, however, is all about colouring the vehicle or colour coating it if there are any scratches and the paint has worn off after a collision or after rubbing against a rough surface. One might also want to get their car painted because they want a new colour on their vehicle. Before painting your car, choose the right colour, texture, and contrast with other parts. It indeed is fun and rejuvenates the feeling of owning a new car. However, it requires a different process and tools, which must be used with utmost precautions. It takes time for a vehicle to be painted and then a secondary coating or as many required, then letting it to dry and keeping it in a dust-free area so that nothing gets stuck on it; all of these make it a little longer process. So, plan it well before giving it off for the same.

Why is it so crucial for your vehicle?

Damage to the paint can happen in different accidents. Whether someone has opened their door mistakenly into your car in the parking lot at work, or you've accidentally scrapped your vehicle on the garage wall when reversing out, damaged paintwork is annoying. Not only does it look very shabby, but it can also open your car to further damage if the paint isn't repaired quickly. A gap in the paintwork can also allow the weather to get in, leading to your car's beginning to rust. Rust damage is not suitable for your vehicle at all. Rust leads to a much more severe problem, which will be a lot more costly to fix than some scratches on the bonnet. Rust also doesn't look good and will likely decrease the car's value. Finally, rust can cause your car to deteriorate quickly, meaning you will have to make more repairs to the bodywork at a more significant expense. Damaged paintwork is also bad if you plan to sell your car anytime soon. A savvy buyer will only see damaged paint as a sign that the vehicle has not been adequately cared for and may suspect other issues to be hidden. This can significantly reduce your car's resale value, leaving you out of pocket. All you need is a professional car touch-up service to stop this from happening, and the damage is gone. 

When should car touch ups be used?

Damage to your car's paintwork can worsen during colder months. Bad weather, salt or grit spread on the roads, and poor road conditions make it all too easy for something like a stone or piece of grit to fly up and take a chunk out of your car's paint. Car touch-up paint can fill in these points of damage before further problems, like rust, begin. If you usually drive in poor conditions or on roads with loose surfaces, your car will likely be affected at some point. The best thing is to check for paint damage regularly and, if required, use a professional touch-up service to ensure the areas worked on look new and last for years. Our car paint repair services can remove damage from scratches, scruffs, chips from stones on the road or other paint damage. Then, with the right paint and experienced spray painters, we can seamlessly fix the mark, leaving no sign of damage behind. For minor scratches, our touch-up technicians may even be able to buff out the spot and save you money.

The reasons behind car paint damage

Your car may get stuck somewhere when you drive, no matter how careful. You get out of your vehicle, look, and your heart aches because your car has a scratch or a dent. Even a tiny scratch on a vehicle hits hard, but unfortunately, it is all too common to damage your car paint damage.

So, if you wish to keep your car's paint looking like showroom condition, these are the most common reasons behind car paint damage to be aware of:

Stones chips

Loose stone chips and pebbles are one of the biggest offenders concerning car body damage. They are most common on roads and are caused by little rock remnants, gravel and road debris flicked backwards from the tyres in front of you. Due to the high speed, they often leave intense cuts in your car paintwork, typically on the car bonnet or bumpers.

Winter Weather

The road salt, sleet and snow that come with winter can inflict a lot of damage to your vehicle and, sometimes even permanently. Furthermore, if you live in a rainy place or beachside, the salt from the sea or the minerals in the rain can also keep water spots, which can be challenging to remove. However, there are several different ways that you can prevent the winter weather from damaging your car paintwork.

Summer Weather

Unfortunately, it's not just the cold weather that can cause damage; if your car is exposed to the sun for a long time, it can also cause the paintwork to fade. So again, the best way out is to cover your vehicle or keep it in a garage if possible.

Irregular cleaning your car

As previously mentioned, road salt, dirt, and debris cling to your car, which is destructive to the paint. Therefore it's essential to wash this off regularly to avoid car paint damage. We recommend a high-pressure spray when washing to clean your car thoroughly and get into those hard-to-reach areas.

Abrasive cleaners

Remember that when cleaning your car, it is always best to use a softer brush or microfiber cloth than a harsh one – the latter is much more likely to scratch car paintwork. Also, you should use a patting motion when drying. We also recommend using a proper car cleaning shampoo to protect the protective sealant.

Bird Droppings

The acidity of dried bird droppings can also cause permanent damage to car paint. You can use various products to remove bird droppings from your car, but you'll need to ensure that you don't cause car paint damage by scraping it off.


Dead bugs on cars can be challenging to remove because they're very acidic. If you find a bug in your car, try to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid car body damage.

Fuel stains

Fuels like petrol, diesel, engine oil or brake fluid can cause damage to your car's paintwork, often causing it to peel. If you get a spillage whilst re-fuelling or leak, wash your vehicle thoroughly as soon as possible to protect the paintwork.


Fingerprints can be a problem, especially if you have minors. Unfortunately, they grind dirt into the paintwork, leaving a blemish, and they can also scratch the paint. If your vehicle has fingerprints very often, wash it and then use a polish to remove any lighter marks and paint scratches.


Try not to leave your car near a construction site as there is a lot of dust and rubble. In addition, there's a danger of wet concrete landing on the vehicle, and when this dries, it can leave prominent car paint scratches and minor dents when you scrape it out.

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to keep your new car paint looking pretty can make a huge difference. It is all about knowing what to do and what not to do with your car's paint.

Wash Your Car Regularly

It's effortless to let more and more time go between different car washes as we get busy. But car paint maintenance is something that cannot be neglected.

Stay Away from Chemical Car Washes

This is where daily car paint maintenance gets more involved. First, you must wash it regularly to remove the dirt and minerals from your car, damaging the paint. The key to doing it is to get it done manually to avoid other damage. Car washes are harsh on paint and can do much damage with rough brushes and sprays.

Make Sure You Dry Your Car

Letting your car drip dry just after washing can cause paint damage. It can also make it appear like you hadn't even washed it. This is especially true on hotter days when the water quickly dries and leaves water spots. When that water evaporates off your car, it leaves minerals behind that can wear and scratch your paint. Get them off with a soft towel.

Wax On

Waxing your car after washing helps to keep debris off and out of your paint. It also makes your car shine and looks fantastic. Hand wax your car every three months or at least twice a year using a wash mitt, microfiber towel, and high-quality polish.

Watch Where You Park

The last thing you would want after washing and waxing your car is for debris or blotches to get on it. You can help keep your vehicle looking clean by parking carefully. Watch for places like under trees where debris, sap, and other messes can land on your paint.

How can an online platform help you?

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